Self-Protected Systems

Embedded Security For a Connected World

Karamba's Product Suite Delivers
Embedded Security

Designing security into the software stack is the new paradigm in connected machines. Built-in security prevents deviation from factory settings, leveraging the unique deterministic behavior of connected systems.


Within the software development lifecycle, Karamba assures software integrity and provides lightweight authentication for strong protection against remote code execution and data leakage.


In runtime, Karamba products detect the attack attempt - be it in production or offline - and instantly prevent it from performing any configurable behavior.


Entrenched within the code, Karamba provides deep forensic insights to your security team as well as root cause analysis for developers, expediting the process so you can find - and eliminate - the vulnerability that enabled the attack.

Karamba's Security Suite
Iron-Clad Protection for Connected Systems

ECU protection

Karamba XGuard™

Protects ECUs

Keep hackers out of any connected system by hardening ECUs. XGuard performs lightweight Control Flow Integrity (CFI) and application whitelisting to identify and block any command or download that deviates from factory settings.

How it works
ECU Authentication Communication

Karamba SafeCAN™

Secures Network Communications

SafeCAN shields networks by validating the sender of every message—with zero network overhead. Authenticated encryption (AE) prevents unauthorized communications and OTA malware.

Why is it better?
Karamba ThreatHive

Karamba ThreatHive™

Discover ECU Vulnerabilities

Deploy honeypots to see real-world cyberattacks on your ECUs. Karamba ThreatHive™ gives you insight into threat activity so you can identify and fix vulnerabilities—before production.

See your weak spots
ECU Authentication Communication

Karamba Research & Consulting

Minimize Risk & Maximize Security

Our security experts know the tactics hackers use to seize connected systems. We are at your service to analyze your security gaps and strengthen your defenses. Whether you need a threat assessment, defense analysis, and/or penetration testing, you’ll gain actionable insight to build more secure systems.

Gain defense strategies

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