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Karamba Research & Consulting provides threat analysis and security services to help you build vehicles “Secure by Design”.
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Research & Consulting:
Our Security Experts Can Strengthen Your Defenses

Think of Karamba as an extension of your automotive design team. Our security engineers specialize in creating cyber-protected products for today's connected vehicles. They can transform any objective to an actionable security plan, through an analysis of technical considerations, threat vectors and vulnerabilities.

Karamba Services

Threat Assessment

The Threat Assessment & Remediation Analysis (TARA) service examines your computer systems—from cloud to vehicle and back. Our security experts analyze all hardware and applications to provide an in-depth analysis of the vehicle’s risk and security posture. Detailed reports identify, prioritize and define cyber threat scenarios and recommend defense strategies for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Defense Assessment

Diving into the vehicle and cloud architecture, this service identifies potential vulnerabilities in vehicle components, including ECUs, bus networks, gateways, external connections, cloud applications and cloud-to-vehicle activity. After thorough analysis, our engineers provide mitigation steps—to minimize your security risks.

Penetration Testing

Our experienced red team tests possible exploits to determine where hackers could gain entry. Karamba penetration testing typically includes infotainment, telematic control units, and other components. It also covers remote attack vectors (like WiFi and Bluetooth) and internal vectors (like USB and OBDII).

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Threat Assessment Use Case

Developing a More Secure ECU

Our Tier 1 customer was developing a new automotive ECU in response to an OEM RFQ. The product needed to support Ethernet communication, and the timeline was very tight. With no set-up time, Karamba Research & Consulting was able to analyze the product capabilities and identify the possible security issues.

Most importantly, the Karamba Research team determined how to mitigate the security risks in the ECU. They provided the customer with a comprehensive report, detailing threat scenarios and their security recommendations. The Karamba team also worked with the customer throughout the RFQ process to support interactions with the OEM.

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