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Think of Karamba as an extension of your security design team. Working in a variety of IoT sectors, our engineers specialize in creating cyber-protected products for today's connected systems. Having completed projects for over twenty systems involving various types of target devices, they can transform any objective into an actionable security plan, through an analysis of technical considerations, threat vectors, and vulnerabilities.

Our experts can also run training seminars and workshops for your security teams, so that they can apply the strategies & techniques necessary to protect your products and to assure compliance with cybersecurity standards such as ISO 21434 and UN R155.

Karamba Services

Threat Assessment

The Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis (TARA) service examines your computer systems—from the cloud to the system and back. Our security experts analyze all hardware and applications to provide an in-depth analysis of the connected system’s risk and security posture. Detailed reports identify, prioritize and define cyber threat scenarios and recommend defense strategies for the lifetime of the device.

Defense Assessment for Connected Vehicles

Diving into the vehicle and cloud architecture, this service identifies potential vulnerabilities in vehicle components, including ECUs, bus networks, gateways, external connections, cloud applications and cloud-to-vehicle activity. After thorough analysis, our engineers provide mitigation steps—to minimize your security risks.

Code Review and Penetration Testing

Karamba penetration testing looks at the central components of connected systems. Our experienced red team tests possible exploits to determine where hackers could gain entry, and can also review your product’s source code thoroughly, to provide actionable insights.


Research & Consulting Advantages


Research & Consulting at a Glance

Understand the ECU threat landscape and gain actionable insights to leverage the expertise of a hands-on security team. Understand how hackers can gain control of ECUs and more.

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